LIfe Changes (for the better)

Last fall, I made a life change. Most specifically, a job change. 

That job change meant I would be making more money. This was obviously good for our family in one way. Unfortunately, it was bad for our family in another way: I was in the car 2 hours a day, every work day.

That's two hours that I couldn't be home with my wife and kids. It's two hours that I was gone, without getting paid. It meant I was waking up earlier, and getting less sleep.

After doing this for about a year, I was given a choice. I could either take a pay cut to keep my job, like everyone else (so I thought), or find something better.

Fortunately, because I was technically "laid off", I was given severance. I had something good lined up, but unfortunately it didn't pan out. I kept looking. We got stressed out, and started to worry.

Then it happened. After 3 weeks of being between jobs, something good came. I was given the opportunity to come back to the last place I was working. This is the same place that i moved to my current apartment to work at. The same place that I left for a few more dollars. And even better, the same place that I was offered a few MORE dollars to come back to. 

I would be back to a place I was familiar with. I would be able to walk to work. I would be able to sleep later. I would be able to spend more time with my wife and kids. I would save money on gas. 

So I took the job. I've been back a few days. I've been able to wake up and feed the kids breakfast. I've been able to walk to and from work. I haven't had to move my car from its parking spot since I started work. I've seen people I made good working relationships with, and it's been like I never left.

Less stress, less driving, less wear and tear on my car and my body, and more money. This was a rare opportunity, and most don't have it. I hope that I'll be posting more soon, as I have more time.ow