It has begun. We have Kindergarteners

A couple of weeks ago, the biggest change in the life the twins (so far) happened.

Last month, we had a couple of pre-schoolers. They spent a few hours a day at pre-school. They learned. They made friends. They did it 45 minutes from home, driven there by my wife.

One day, it all changed. They were given the option, by the school and us, to either get driven to and from school, or ride the bus. We figured they'd want to get driven in. They had other plans.

Due to unexpected circumstances, I was fortunately home for their first day of school. I was able to walk them to the bus stop. I was nervous. My wife was nervous. The twins were nothing but excited.

The bus pulled up, and suddenly it was all real. Our boys, who I still remember as being little premature newborns, were big kids. They were kindergarteners. Nothing would be the same for us. We would never be able to go back. 

The twins would make new friends in their new school. They would learn new things from their new teachers. And they would keep growing.

They love their school. They love their classes. They love their teachers. They love making new friends. They have adapted to the change better than we ever expected.

In a few years, our youngest would be doing the same. Before we know it, all of our kids will be in school. All of our kids will no longer be the babies we remember them being.

We would be two parents, and a house full of big kids.