Why I'm a #HealthyDad

Disclosure: Thanks to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield who sponsored the campaign, for including dads in this important discussion about family health care. My views are based solely on my experience as a parent, and not as a medical professional." Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is not affiliated with the #HealthyDad video contest.

Recently, I've begun to realize how important it is for me to be a healthy dad. Honestly, being a dad is the driving force behind the WHY for me. 

I spent a few years right after high school, being the pinnacle of health. I was an active duty US Marine. I was in the best physical condition I had been in my life. I look back at myself at that point, and know that I want to be in that condition again. 

Unfortunately, I have a couple of bad discs in my back that contributed to me straying far from the physically fit version of me. I put on a good amount of weight, and lost the physical conditioning I had taken pride in doing.

One day, I looked back, and realized that I wasn't DOING enough. I wasn't moving, I was fortunately not GAINING weight, but I was still a chubby dude who could barely keep up with 3 young kids. I wasn't happy with my weight, and decided to make a change.

I NEEDED to be healthy, to be an example for my kids. I didn't want my kids to look at their chubby dad, sitting on the sidelines during their sporting events, or huffing and puffing while they run laps around me. 

I started going to the gym, and bringing the kids. I showed them that my health was important to me, and that it was something that was worth working for. 

I look at my dad, who is not in a good physical condition, and wasn't while I was growing up. I see the guy who has made poor diet and exercise choices, and has type 2 diabetes. That's not what I want my kids to see when they look at me in 20 or 30 years.

Another aspect of being a healthy dad is taking care of your health. You can't just eat right and exercise (I know, if only it was that easy). Being healthy is also about preventive care.

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Here’s what you need to do:

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XY Media is sponsoring this contest to celebrate dads living a healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is submit a family-friendly video to https://www.facebook.com/healthydads and you could win a $100 Amazon giftcard just in time for the holidays. Be a #HealthyDad . For the official rules, go here.