Back in the gym, as a family

A few months ago, I wrote about how I had finally gotten back in the gym. Unfortunately, I only made it a few months before my time crunch of a schedule made it practically impossible. I was going to the gym at work during lunch, but it was cutting into my "working" time while at work. I could go before work, but that would mean waking up before 4 AM. I could go after work, but that would mean less time with my wife and kids after spending all day away. This week, we changed that. And by we, I mean my wife and I. We became members of our local YMCA. One factor made us choose the Y over other gyms, and it wasn't price. I'll admit that we pay a little more for the Y over other gyms, but it comes with one key feature that other gyms in our area don't have..

Since we have 3 young kids, we had two choices. Either we have to go to the gym in shifts, and lose the motivation that having your spouse there with you would provide, or we find a gym with childcare. The YMCA was option 2. This way, we're able to bring our kids to somewhere trusted, and be only a few rooms away while we're able to workout together.

We can bring them to the pool, teach them how to swim, and show them that we are doing something to stay healthy and active. This will hopefully get the kids involved in physical fitness, and help fight off the childhood obesity that's rampant in the US.

This is the re-start of our journey to be more healthy, physically, mentally, and financially. We're going to eat, as much as possible, food that is natural, organic or local. We're going to fix our credit and finances so we can buy a house in the next year. We are going to make our life, and the life of our kids, better.