This is a good thing

Today I realized (once again) how great it is to live where we live. After I came home from work, I decided (much to the chagrin of the twins) that I would take our youngest with me to the store to pick up some last minute things for dinner. She was excited, because she got to spend time with just Daddy, even if it was a fairly quick trip. I was excited because she was excited.

Neither me or my wife do things with just her very often. Come to think of it, we rarely do anything with any of the kids where it's just one kid and one parent. The twins were born with a companion, and our daughter was born with two older brothers.

The one on one time is one of those things that can definitely be special. There was lots of giggles and smiles during our trip to the store and the farmers' market.

Back to the point: In the meat market, and at the farmers' market, as I was walking around with my two year old on my hip, there were no looks. There were no comments about babysitting or the like. People just saw a loving, caring dad spending valuable time with his daughter.

I admit that we live in a pretty progressive, fairly modern area. It's not a big city, but it's not a small town. If you ever get the chance, come visit Kittery, ME and Portsmouth, NH right across the river.

This trip was relaxing, for us both. She was happy to be with me, and I was happy to be with her. There were no distractions, no looks, no silly comments. Just giggles, smiles, hugs. This is a good thing.