Growing too fast

A post from Daddy Newbie about our kids growing too fast got me thinking about the topic.

I look at my kids, and can't believe that the twins, who were born around 3 pounds each, are now four. Our chubby, smiley daughter is turns 2 this Monday. The twins can recognize themselves in pictures (for a while they just called every one "baby"). Our daughter is forming intelligible sentences.

I look around the house, or through our Facebook albums, and see these little versions of our kids, and wonder where those kids went. The little features are the same, and the personalities are the same.

C is still the quiet, reserved one, but he's got his "naughty laugh" that gives him away when he does something bad. L is our cuddler, with huge smiles from me or my wife. And A, who I still can't believe is almost 2, has learned, from having 2 boys bigger than her, how to stick up for herself and push back. The attitude from her is very defiant, fighting back.

Then I see a local dad blogger (The Daddy Files) posting pictures of his new baby, and it brings me back. The smiles, the hugs, the everything about a baby. I can't believe how far we've come in the 4 years since the twins were born. Not only have we changed as a family, but as individuals. I wouldn't change it for the world.