Rockabye Baby!

**This post is not sponsored by and does not have any influence from Rockabye Baby! I just happened to come across their stuff again**  

As some of you know, I'm a metal head when it comes to music, and have been for a long time. When the kids were little, instead of your typical soothing baby music, I put on metal to help them relax. It was what I knew. Fortunately, there is a wide range of heavy metal, and I was able to isolate what did and didn't work, and either remove or add to the Sleepytime playlist.

Then one day, the stars aligned, and I found Rockabye Baby! It's metal (and rock and punk and now rap) played in the style of children's lullabies. So naturally I went out and found a whole bunch of their stuff and made my own playlist. The kids could fall asleep to Metallica, without my wife being kept awake by Metallica. Awesome!

Why am I bringing this up now, 3-ish years later? I know some of you still have young kids, and this is perfect for you. What's also perfect is that I found the Rockabye Baby! Pandora station. I use Pandora on my Roku, and have used the website and smartphone app. What better way to listen than with your phone next to your bed, like it already is? While the Pandora station doesn't play just their stuff, Spotify does have quite a bit of their catalog as well.

Check them out, and either buy some of their music, "find" it some where, or listen to it on Pandora or Spotify. You hopefully won't be disappointed.