One of those weekends

This was definitely one of those weekends, where everything goes right (even when it goes wrong). It started Friday morning. The kids had a playdate with their triplet friends (my wife, their mom, and 6 total kids under the age of 5), which they always enjoy. That led into homemade pizza after I got home from work with the triplets coming back over. Dinner turned in to the kids playing outside. Somehow, my transplanting a flower to a bigger plant led to all the kids getting sprayed with the hose and playing in the pool. The downside was that all their clothes were soaked. The upside was all the kids getting worn the hell out.

That's why Saturday morning the kids slept until 7:15. They almost never sleep past 6, especially on weekends (they know when I want to sleep in, and wake up early to mess with me, I just know it). After getting C's eyes checked out (he's been clumsy, we were concerned) and finding nothing wrong, we did one of our many "things we do outside together every year" and went blueberry picking at Applecrest Farm Orchards. They're also our go-to for peaches and apples as those come in to season. If you're near Hampton Falls, NH, go check them out.

As we were less than a mile away, the inevitable happened. Light rain on the windshield turns into heavier rain. Fortunately it started to taper off as we were pulling up to buy our buckets. We got the car out to the field, got unloaded, and as we were picking out first berries, it happened. Absolute downpours soaked everyone. We ran back to the car, and waited it out (which is never easy with a car full of toddlers and is compounded when they're anxious to pick blueberries). After 10 or so, it broke, and we had a great muddy time picking (and eating) lots and lots of blueberries. Everyone was worn out again, and slept great.

Today was one of our favorite yearly events: Redhook Brewery and The Meathouse team up for Operation Thank You, New England's largest military appreciation event.  It's hosted on the grounds of the Brewery (who provides the beer), and there's free food grilled up by The Meathouse. There's live music, free swag from all the event sponsors, a kid's area (which is great for the "I'm bored and hot" meltdowns) and a lot of great raffles. Veterans, active military and dependents get in for free, along with kids under 12, so getting in cost us nothing. The kids get to run around, we all get free food (and beer for the grownups), and we leave with plenty of stuff to occupy them for a few days (until they forget about it and move on). The one thing we all enjoy many months later is the free T-shirts, which we're on our 3rd year of now). All the proceeds of the event benefit the Chaplain's Emergency Relief Fund of NH, which provides financial assistance to military families in need.

Now we're home, and after sorting through all the goodie bags, and wrenching away all the free stuff, the kids are bathed and in bed, and we're taking the time to reflect on just how great this weekend was. We had fun, we did all sorts of stuff, and we did it together. With the twins just turning 4, I'm afraid that one day we'll blink and they'll be 8, or 10, or 18. Hopefully the things we do together will help make us all into better people, and they will all have memories of the fun we have and how much we love them, and each other.