Summer = Grilling

English: A photo of a propane gas grill. For a lot of people, Memorial Day weekend means it's time to polish off the grill for the summer. It means cookouts, and BBQs, and all the fun that comes with summer. Then come Labor Day, it goes back in storage.

Why???? I don't get the premise of buying a grill to only use it for a few months out of the year. If I could, I would cook every meal (well, at least every dinner) on my grill. Grilling is definitely not something that's a "summer pastime" in our house. Power goes out during a snow storm in January? Screw it, I'll bundle up, clear a path (if I haven't already), and go cook dinner on the grill. No power during a hurricane (yes, we lose power frequently)? To the grill!

While I may not have the best, high end, top of the line grill, I can make some pretty tasty food out there. And come on, who doesn't love the smoky char taste of grilled food? I can make pizza. I can grill veggies. I can cook chicken (BTW, my wife makes a killer rub for chicken and pork with brown sugar and a whole bunch of other stuff). I can grill fruits. There's just so much that can be done with the grill, year round, with good food. Why only eat like that when it's hot out?

Another great thing about grilling is that the twins (more L than C) LOVE to come sit outside with me and relax while I'm grilling dinner. We can just sit there, do nothing, spending time together. After a long day of working, getting to spend meaningful relaxed time with the kids is one of those things that's hard to beat. I hope that as they get older, I can still convince them to come out and grill with me, and as they get older they can help, like I used to when I was growing up.