Oh The Places I've Been


As you've probably (hopefully) noticed, I haven't posted in a little while. Turns out that parenting, while working an hour away from home, means you don't have a lot of free time. Add in my beer blog (www.tomshouseofbeer.wordpress.com)/FB page (https://www.facebook.com/TomsBeerHouse), lockpicking (https://www.facebook.com/tooolpwm?ref=hl), snow (oh my hell, there's been so much snow in Maine this year), and this plague that's been going around (one of the twins ended up admitted to the hospital for 2 days with pneumonia), and before you know it, you have a couple of hours a day of personal time. Hopefully things start to smooth out soon, and I'll get more posts up.

On a related note, this sickness is the worst. I can handle normal sick kids, but adding in pneumonia makes it a thousand times worse. We knew he wasn't doing great, but this was awful. All of a sudden, I was glad I had sick days. I stayed home for a few days, so my wife could be at the hospital with our sick one, and I could get the other twin to preschool. Of course, the day our sick kid is better and able to come home, I get to stay home because the base is closed (another snow storm).

When it comes to the beer world, I've been slowly getting more involved, as free time allows. I missed out on Portsmouth Beer Week 2014 because I just didn't have the free time to get out to one of the events.

In the lockpicking world, we've had some good events. We went back to Portland (Maine) for the first time since last summer, and got a good draw. This might just mean that we'll be making trips back to Portland every few months for meetings. Hopefully we'll have some more people showing up, since we stopped meetings there due to low turnout.

Finally, the kids are getting so damn big. They all have a birthday this summer. The twins turn 5, the "and then" turns 3. That means that this fall we'll have kindergarteners. When did they get so big? I remember the twins in the NICU, weighing only a couple of pounds, and "and then" being a chubby little baby (now she's just a chubby toddler. Time really does fly. You blink and your kids are suddenly entirely too big.

So, what's been up with you?