Why Do I Write? #sponsored


I use Grammarly for proofreading online because if we use bad grammar, the terrorists win. Why do we write? It's a question that comes across the minds of bloggers every so often. Some write because they want to tell a story, whether true or false. Some write because it helps pass on the knowledge they're gained about their particular experience (premature birth, multiple births, autism, ADHD, food allergies/sensitivities, etc). The list goes on and on, and every blogger you ask will give you a different answer.

I write primarily because when I started looking for answers about my wife's upcoming twin pregnancy, there weren't a whole lot of "dads of twins" bloggers out there. I got really interested in Joe Rawlinson's Dad's Guide to Twins blog. Flash forward a few months, and I had thrown together a post that appeared on Dad's Guide to Twins about my experience as a first time dad of premature twins in the NICU. I still go back to it every so often to remember how much things have changed (it's at How to Survive Preemie Twins in the NICU on the Dad's Guide to Twins blog).

As time went on, I kept reading some great dad blogs. One day, I decided that it was time to take the words in my head and get them on the web. My blog was born, and suddenly I became a "dad blogger." While there aren't as many of us as "mommy bloggers," we are a tight-knit community, with a Facebook group, and the Dad 2.0 Summit. I'm no longer a guy looking for help with this crazy thing we call parenting, I'm one of the guys who has (some of) the answers for new and up and coming dads of twins.

I write because I hope that one day a new dad will stumble across my blog, and see that he's not the first one going through this, and that I can help in some way. I write because it helps me get the frustrations of the day out (when I can find the time). I write because I enjoy writing, and telling our story.