The Power of Pictures


When the twins were very young, and even before they were born, we took lots of pictures. They had a particularly tough first few months of life, beginning with 6 weeks in the NICU. My wife recently started using an old laptop again, and found a whole bunch of older pictures. She hadn't used that laptop since 2009, so there were a lot of pictures from that year. That was the Year of the Twins. We went from finding out she was pregnant, to finding out there were two, to premature birth, to crawling, babbling, little five-month-olds.

It was a whirlwind of emotions, from both of us, as we saw pre-pregnancy trips to Savannah, GA, and the lake near where we lived in 2008-2009. There were ultrasound pictures. There were pictures a few days after the twins were born, and their whole time in the NICU. You could see their faces and bodies changing in just that short 6-week period. There are pictures of our immaculate apartment (it's amazing what having 3 kids does to a place).

Then they're home with us, and smiling, and giggling, and enjoying life. Of course there was a picture of me passed out holding a child, at 4 AM. Before you know it, there's tummy time, and crawling. As we sat there, I was so glad we had these pictures. Not just so we could see them, but so the twins can see them. They may not remember the first time they crawled, or what their giggles were like, or their time in the NICU, but through these pictures they can see what we saw.

While we fortunately don't have NICU pictures of our youngest, we did take a lot of pictures with her too. We fortunately have them all backed up (like we did now that we found these other pictures), and we're able to show her what her growth was like from our perspective too. We keep the house full of pictures of them all, and they love seeing not just old pictures of us, but old pictures of them.

We've tried to take pictures of all of us together, but it's definitely been a lot of us taking a picture of them, not us taking a picture of us. Hopefully as the weather warms up, we'll start taking more beach pictures, and we'll keep taking pictures of us all, as they grow and as we age. We'll be able to look back on them, like I did a few years ago when I was given stacks of pictures from my childhood.