ROGAINE Joins with Bill Rancic to "Grow Your Game" #GotItFree


“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Dad Central for ROGAINE®. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for participating.” BillRancic_Web

Some of you may be familiar with Bill Rancic as the winner of Season 1 of "The Apprentice." You might also be familiar with him as a motivational speaker, real estate developer, restaurant owner, or author of a best-selling book on business. Rancic’s life is documented on the hit reality show Giuliana & Bill, in which he stars with his wife, E! News Anchor, Giuliana Rancic.

ROGAINE® has teamed up with Bill and a team of "Growth Coaches" for a new program to help men be better men. This program is known as "Grow Your Game," and I love the idea behind it. The program's initial goal is to help 5 guys become better men, using 5 Coaches. One coach provides life advice, another style advice, relationship advice, health & fitness, and finally grooming & hair. One of Bill's goals when he got involved in the program is to talk to guys about conquering real issues, taking control of their appearance, and gaining the confidence to grow and succeed. The best thing about the program is that all of the coaches' advice (as well as the guys' stories and progress) is online at the Grow Your Game website.

Up until I got involved with ROGAINE®, I was unaware the Bill was even losing hair. Fortunately, he was able to take charge of his hair loss before it was too late.

I got the chance, thanks to ROGAINE® and Dad Central to interview Bill, and I learned how committed he is, not just to this program, but to keeping his own hair. He is also a busy dad, traveling all over the country, and still takes the time to be an involved parent and husband. Thanks to this program, he genuinely cares about helping men be the best man they can be.

If you know me, or have seen pictures of me, you know that for quite a few years I have suffered from hair loss. It started out slowly, then before I knew it there was a lot more forehead where there used to be hair. Fortunately, I was provided a sample of ROGAINE® Foam as part of the ROGAINE® Influencer program. When I started using ROGAINE® Foam, it felt good to know that I was doing something about my hair loss. This meant worrying less about hair loss in order to focus more time and attention on going after my goals.

When I started noticing that my hair was thinning, I knew I had two options: sit back, let it happen and go bald, or take control, find something that works and make a commitment to solving the problem. Fortunately, my time both in the military and as a husband and dad have led me to be a problem solver. As soon as I learned about the benefits of ROGAINE® Foam (especially that nearly 9 out of 10 men regrow hair when used twice daily over 16 weeks), I knew this was the best solution to my problem.

I'm sure a few of you are now scratching your foreheads, or that bald spot, where there used to be more hair. Guys, don’t let thinning hair hold you back – trust me, you’re not alone. When I realized hereditary hair loss affects 40% of men, I decided it was time to take control and started using Men’s ROGAINE® Foam.

Now you're thinking about going to the store and picking up a bottle of ROGAINE® Foam. Well, DO IT! You know that it works, but for some reason you haven't pulled the trigger. It's super easy. Apply the foam to your bald spot in the morning and at night, and in a few weeks (STICK WITH IT!) you'll notice hair growing back. Or maybe your wife, or girlfriend, or kids, or coworkers will be the ones who notice.

Success comes from more than just having confidence in yourself and your appearance. It’s all about knowing the rules of the game. Whether it’s your life, your relationship or your job, everyone wants to grow and succeed. Maybe getting your hair back will be the thing that helps you succeed.