My Journey in the Gym Continues


***I AM NOT GIVING YOU FITNESS ADVICE, AND I AM NOT A DOCTOR. CONSULT A DOCTOR BEFORE YOU BEGIN A NEW PHYSICAL FITNESS REGIMEN*** I've started a journey recently to get back into shape. I hurt my back, I gained weight, and while we don't eat terrible, it seemed like eating wasn't making the weight go away. With my new job, I get free access to a gym, so it was the perfect opportunity to get the weight off and feel better.

The problem is that although spent 5+ years in the military, I was never one for going to the gym while I was on active duty. That means that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I'm comfortable on a stationary bike or elliptical, because I know that it's an awful idea to start running on a treadmill too early, for the abuse that can be wrought on my knees.

Other than the simple machines, I'm not super familiar with the weight machines, and don't really have a "routine" down. Since my primary goal is weight loss, I'm focusing more on those aspects than on weight lifting and muscle gain. I decided to come up with something, and maybe you'll find it useful. Advice is always recommended.

  • Monday - 30 minutes on a stationary bike. The bikes at this gym have a 5KM map, and I usually get at least 2 laps on that.
  • Tuesday - Weight machines, focusing on primarily arms
  • Wednesday - Nothing but stretching. I found some great stretching techniques through ITS Tactical at
  • Thursday - 30 minutes on an elliptical. This usually comes out to 2+ miles
  • Friday - 30 minute walk/jog on a treadmill. Usually no more than 5 MPH

I look forward to getting more involved in this, and posting results as time goes on. I also have to recommend the fitness app that I use on my Android smartphone, Runkeeper ( The biggest thing I like about Runkeeper is how easy it is to manually input a workout. The apps is primarily focused on tracking your run outside via GPS, but makes indoor workouts very easy to track. This will make the transition from cold weather indoor, machine based workouts to warmer weather outdoor runs seamless, since I'm using the same app.