Crayola Create 2 Destroy Contest & Dad Bloggers Giveaway!


**THIS POST WAS SPONSORED BY CRAYOLA** We all played with Play-Doh and its accessory toys as a kid, but once you have your own kids you realize how much you despise it. Your house ends up covered in dried up balls of multi-colored gunk. You (or your kids) forget to put a cap on and the dough ends up drying out. You lose small pieces and can never have a full container again. With time, it gets boring, because you can only make so many things with multi-colored gunk.

Resolving these problems are where Crayola's "Create 2 Destroy" line excels. Not only does the "Morphix" not dry out, but it feels amazingly different. Morphix is really interesting stuff. It feels slightly gritty, but stays quite moist and pliable, and doesn’t seem to crumble or stick to things (other than itself, that is). On closer examination it is like some sort of amazing magical modelling foam.

Along with three tubs of colorful Morphix, the set comes with a playmat, a wide variety of molds (19 in total), two volcano launchers, and two dino figures. The idea is pretty simple: you and your kids use the molds to create a city landscape — full of cars and trucks, buildings, trees, and walls — and then you use the dinosaurs to wreak havoc on the whole thing.

After unboxing the kit, I found out that it was fairly easy to use. The dinosaurs each had a special feature, with the red one having a movable mouth (Morphix tended to get stuck there) and the green one having a spring-loaded tail to launch balls of Morphix. The two volcanoes each had a launch lever to launch a ball of Morphix. One problem with the volcanoes was that the Morphix would get stuck under the lip of the volcano.

One problem that I found with this kit was the molds. The molds were two plastic sheets with molds to make cars, buildings, etc. Their downfall was that the molds themselves were shallow and seemed to hold the Morphix. This made it difficult to get the Morphix out of the mold. It took me slamming the sheets against my hand multiple times before the product came through. I don't consider this to be something that my 4 year olds would have been able to do.

Overall, this was a really fun product for my kids to play with. It was easy to use, and worked like I expected to.

Crayola asked me to take a quick video of me and my kids playing with the set, and post it to Instagram. That video has been entered into a contest where I can win 10 more sets to give away to whomever I’d like.

So please, go here, and vote for my video!

(It’s the one that says “Twins and Then” under it!)

Think you can do a better one?

Just get yourself a Create 2 Destroy set and you can submit a video too!  Just create your own 15-second Instagram video of your child(ren) playing with it, and include the tag #Create2Destroy in the description.

What can you win? Well, only $1,000 gift card and your family featured on a Crayola box…

Be sure to follow @Crayola on Instagram too!

But wait, there’s more!

I’m joining with a few of my Dad Bloggers buddies to give away a Crayola Create 2 Destroy set to five lucky winners!

We’re banding together like this to give you more chances to win.  Joining me are Chris from Daddy Doctrines, Chris from DadNCharge, John from Daddy’s In Charge?, James from SAHD PDX and Colby from Days of the Domestic Dad.

To enter, simply use the widget at this linkYou can have up to 16 entries, which are earned by completing actions like commenting on one of our blogs, “liking” any of our Facebook pages, and/or following any of us on Twitter. If you are already a Facebook fan or Twitter follower, you already qualify to enter! Easy peasy.

The Create 2 Destroy Dad Bloggers Giveaway runs from now until November 13th, 2013, at which point five winners will be selected and notified. As the contest is open to U.S. residents only, after being notified the winners will have 24 hours to verify their U.S. mailing address to confirm their prizes.

Good luck! And don’t forget to go vote for my video!

Disclosure: Crayola provided me with the product, information, and a gift card to participate in the Create2Destroy video contest. All opinions are my own.