Why I Love Fall in New England


Featured image via http://www.especially4utours.com/product/miscellaneous-tours/exclusive-historic-new-england-fall-foliage-tour/ One downside to the new job (that I like) is the commute. I went from a 10 minute trip door-to-door, to at least an hour on the highway (up to 2 hours on a really bad traffic day). Yes it sucks, but there are minor upsides.

The slow, surprisingly easy trip gives me one great thing, especially this time of year: FALL!

It's that time of year when everywhere around us (at least in this part of the country), the leaves start changing color. The "leaf peepers" come to see the "oh so perfect" foliage every weekend (adding an extra half hour or so to my Friday afternoon commute). The air gets cooler. Pumpkins, apples, all the flavors of fall are everywhere.

Some people around here hate fall for all those reasons. There are so many out of staters everywhere. The Massachusetts plates. The Connecticut plates. The New York plates. They're EVERYWHERE. They block up our roads, they drive slow. But you know what, I don't care.

I know that they're only here for a few weeks. I also know that we only have a few more weeks of days where I can head to work with the temps in the 40s, and have them squeak into the 60s as the day goes on. Only a few more weeks of Pumpkin ales, of the perfect weather for stouts.

Our time here is short, so I enjoy it so I can enjoy the little smiles as my kids have PIck-Your-Own apples in both hands, and one in their mouths. There will only be so many years that I can have pictures like this: