Yes, my kids have unique names


This post inspired by a post on Mommyish: People Seriously Think I Named My Son After A Department Store  Read more:

While our daughter Avery has a fairly common name (Wolfram Alpha rates it number 13), our twins have uncommon first names. Since we felt it would be unfair to make one of the twins a "Junior," they each got a first name with my first and middle name divided between them.

We wanted their names to be uncommon, while not "weird" or "hip." One of them has started become a little hip, but it's still special to my wife. Landon is named after Landon Carter from the Nicholas Sparks book/movie "A Walk To Remember". It has a special meaning to my wife, and it's still unique. It's gaining popularity for whatever reason, but it's still not super-popular.

For our other twin, we decided to go with something that's a reference to my Irish roots. Carden, according to the internet, is Celtic "from the black fortress". It's absolutely not popular, not showing up on the "Popular Baby Names of XXXX" lists, ever. It's unique, and means something special to me.

People very frequently get their names wrong, especially Carden. "Carter?" No "Carden," with an "N." "Landon? That's different!" 

That's something we're willing to accept. While the boys may look similar to people who don't see them often, they are unique individuals. They will always know that their name is different, and they are different. And I'm OK with that