My wife is awesome


Today our youngest turned 2. My wife asked her what she wanted for a cake. She knew that this time, she had to make it. The twins' cake was bought by Grandma, chocolate, Lightning McQueen. How better to represent being a pair of 4 y/o boys (no, one of the twins is not Mater).

She said she wanted a Dora cake, because she's a girl, and almost 2, and Dora is on the Pullups box. After doing some research, a friend pointed her to this "super fancy cake decorating tutorial". Next, find the perfect face: like this one.

A few hours later, I see a picture of the finished work pop up on my wife's Facebook (re-hosted on imgur). For a first timer, with little prep, I'm really impressed. You gotta love the things people come up with for their kids, in a pinch. But now she has to do one better the next time (my birthday's in a few days. We'll see what magic she comes up with.