Sharing is Caring! (or "So, you want to have a bottle share?")

While there is a lot of great craft beer available in a lot of areas, there is a lot of beer that you might not be able to get. It might not get distributed to your area. It might get sold out before you can get it.

What's a craft beer fan to do? Why, hold a bottle share!

Just because you can't get it, doesn't mean that you don't have a friend who works near a liquor store that carries the cool beer you're looking for. Just because it's not distributed near you doesn't mean that you don't have a friend who got a bottle of it in via trade.

Pick a spot (a friend's house, a local brewery, a bar or restaurant that let you BYOB). Pick your favorite way to organize events (I use Facebook, but have used Twitter for similar events). Find a time (I love Friday nights). Get everyone together, get some food (I love pizza for soaking up beer). 

Everyone brings something, maybe a cool stout that just came out. Maybe it's a new IPA from a local brewery. Maybe it's a beer from their cellar that some of you have never had or heard of. 

It's a great way to make new friendships while trying new beers. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the people in my bottle shares have very similar personalities. We like loud music and intense beer. People who may have never met in their day-to-day, are friends with people they've met at bottle shares that I've organized.

Hopefully you're now thinking, "Man, I need to have a bottle share near me!" Make it happen! WIth technology, it's too easy.