#16 - Dogfish Head 120 Min (2014)


Dogfish Head's 120 Minute IPA is one of those beers that, while it's a yearly release, can be tough to track down. This is mostly due to the fact that since it's so well loved and appreciated, it flies off of store shelves.

Some times you're lucky, and you catch wind either through the store owner/beer guy, or through social media, and you can get a bottle or 2. At $10 per 12 oz bottle, it's a stretch to convince your significant other that you NEED that second or third bottle. But it's so worth it.


DFH bottles this beer once a year. The current batch has a bottle date of 3/27/14. This beer is a hop head's dream. Continuously hopped during the entire 120 minute boil, rumored to be with additions at every 3 minutes. Then it's dry hopped some more for a month.

This is a damn hoppy beer, but the malt really balances it well. And speaking of things that aren't hops in this beer, it also runs at 18% ABV. This has led some beer geeks and reviewers to call this more of a super hoppy barleywine than an IPA, and I would agree. It's got the color and mouthfeel of a barleywine, with the hops of an imperial IPA. Unike Sixpoint's Hi-Res, where the alcohol snuck up on you, it is very much present in every sip of 120 Minute.

I hope you can get your hands on this year's run. It's selling quick. I was lucky to have a friend who runs a bottle shop hold me two bottles, in addition to the one I stumbled across a few weeks ago. One I drank tonight, one I'm cellaring, the 3rd is of undetermined fate. Good luck in your search, and let me know what you think, if you get your hands on one. And of course, I'm always open to trying older vintages, if you have one you want to share