#2 - Angry Orchard "Sinful Apple"


Angry Orchard is Boston Beer Company's offshoot info the rapidly growing hard cider world. From Angry Orchard's website:

Our Cinnful Apple cider is crisp and refreshing with a spicy twist. The sweet, slightly tart apple flavor is balanced with cinnamon spice, adding hints of cocoa and a slight heat.

Appearance: Looks exactly like apple juice, with very slight carbonation. Almost clear, yellow, no head. 2/5

Smell: Smells like it looks. Can't smell the cinnamon at all. 2/10

Mouthfeel: Very light mouthfeel. Almost nothing to it. 2/5

Taste: Tastes like most hard ciders, but the cinnamon does show up near the end of the swallow. Fades rapidly. 3/10

Overall: Overall, this is a drinkable but forgettable hard cider. I give BBC credit for putting out decent, approachable hard ciders. I'd recommend it to people who are looking to get into cider, but I've definitely had better. 9/30